Anaerobic Digestion (AD) is the process where plant and animal material (feedstock) is converted into useful products by micro-organisms in the absence of air.
Most biomass can be processed including food waste, energy crops, crop residues and animal slurries and manure.
AD can accept waste from our homes, supermarkets, industry and farms with less waste goes to landfill.
Biomass is put into sealed tanks and naturally occurring micro organisms digest it, releasing a gas (biogas) rich in methane that can be used to provide clean renewable energy.
The material left over at the end of the process is rich in nutrients so it can be used as a solid and/or liquid fertiliser.
AD is a tried and tested technology
The electricity generated for the AD Energy units can be sold to the National Grid
As a generator of ‘green’ energy ADs are granted Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs) which can be sold

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